The examples we set, the monsters we create

I had a conversation with my boss. I don’t remember what it was about, exactly, but in the midst of it, he indirectly suggested that it would be better if I started staying at work longer. I wasn’t setting a good example because I usually left between 16.30h and 17h, which was an abomination, apparently (not his words, exactly, of course).

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How do you solve a problem like problem-solving?

When a new employee started (let’s call them Cam), I transferred several of my responsibilities to them. Alas, some of them kept coming back and coming back again (through being asked to deal with some more difficult problems). Of course, I was ready to help out and all that. But it was also getting a tiny bit super annoying.

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Simple, yet significant

When it was my time to lead a hiring process, I had this great plan: I WILL DO IT DIFFERENTLY. I wasn’t too happy with a lot of recruitment practices, and one that bothered me was the communication with candidates. Or lack thereof. I knew very well what an anxiousness-filled eternity waiting for a response can be, when all sorts of unlikely scenarios cross the realm of possibility.

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