I’m just sharing stories and reflections, navigating life and work (mostly that). Struggles and missteps and good decisions from the journey. Whatever gives me pause or caused a reconsideration. Whatever brings up questions, more so than answers (but not exclusively).

It’s often messy and unsure. You know, like life. And people.

(So, I’m not here to prescribe or give 10-step how-tos, I focus on illustrating real-life situations and how I handled them. Or tried to. Or how I failed. Or how I succeeded. Or what it led me to believe. And question.)

Maybe you can be inspired to think or act differently or encouraged to do something or made feel like you’re not alone (all those grandiose things that seem a bit nauseating at times, but they would be nice). If not, maybe you can at least be entertained.

P.s.: Opinions and experiences are my own unless stated otherwise, duh.